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La Bottiglieria menus


Galvanina carbonated fruit juices - 35cl £2.50
Limonata (Lemon)
Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange)
Melagrana (Pomegranate)


Moretti 4.6% - 33cl £2
Craft Italian Cider 5% - 33cl £3
Prosecco 11% - 20cl £6


Prosecco 11% - 75cl £21
Fresh, fragrant, with a light, persistent sparkle. Dry and well balanced

Rosato Spumante 11% - 75cl £21
Sparkling Rosé. The bouquet is fruity and floral with a hint of almond.


Rosato SanLeo 11% - 75cl £16
Cherry red, medium with a hint of dryness, fruity with notes of strawberries and a touch of spice


Ogni Giorno 11% - 1.5L £22
A blend of Trebbiano & Garganega, this wine is young, fresh and piquant. Pairs perfectly with a light meal

Vernaccia 13% - 75cl £21
The bouquet is fine, penetrating and fruity light green and apple notes. Full flavour and well balanced

Apulo 12.5% - 75cl £17
A wine that brings together the freshness of Fiano grape and the softness of the Moscato grape

Insolia 13% - 75cl £26
Nutty and round. Notes of apple, melon, spices flavours work well together


Ogni Giorno 11% - 1.5L £22
A typical Italian Merlot - light, fruity and well rounded

Primitivo 13% - 75cl £17
An indigenous variety grown in a sunny peninsula in Apulia. It has a rich aroma of plum and black cherry with spice notes of cracked black pepper

Sassabruna 14% - 75cl £30
An exciting baby super Tuscan. Ruby red colour. Scents of red fruits and spices. It is full bodied with refined tannins and long finish

Le Focaie 13% - 75cl £23
Sangiovese grapes. Deep ruby colour. Intense and full, with flavours of dark cherries and wild berries. This wine has a good structure and soft, lasting finish